Let us be your Occupational Health
and Pre-Employment Center.

217 Immediate Care, in collaboration with our parent company, SafeWorks Illinois, provides comprehensive occupational health services and return to work programs to create safe, drug-free businesses and industries. Our ultimate goal is to promote wellness in the workplace.

A critical access of promotion well-being is prompt accurate diagnosis and receiving quality treatment.

Quality outcomes will be achieved by developing prevention programs and providing injury treatment and rehabilitation services to help the employee recover, rehabilitate and return to work.

The providers at 217 Immediate Care and SafeWorks Illinois have extensive experience helping businesses reduce injuries, lower costs and promote a safe work environment. We understand that employee health is one of the defining elements of a competitive business advantage, and we believe that occupational/environmental medicine is an investment in workforce productivity.

Each business is unique, which is why we develop a customized solution to meet our individual client’s need. We serve businesses of all sizes. From the small mom-and-pop companies to large business and industries, our Safeworks Illinois team can provide a comprehensive Occupational Medicine Solution while our 217 Immediate Care team focuses on providing expert care much more quickly than traditional ER settings. To learn more about Safeworks Illinois, click here.


Why SafeWorks Illinois Occupational Medicine?

The Occupational Health Specialists Group at SafeWorks Illinois and 217 Immediate Care provides occupational medicine services to employers, from small businesses to large corporations, in the central Illinois area. With our flexible hours and skilled medical providers, we are available to see your employees for a wide range of services every day, including Saturdays. It is our goal to return each employee back to work as soon as possible and we are committed to keeping our employers informed regarding the employee’s medical condition and work status. Our trained providers understand the importance of accurate management of the worker, which ultimately saves you time and money.

How SWI can save Employers Money:

  • Redirecting care from the local emergency department
  • Reducing utilization of specialty care and hospital care
  • When it is appropriate to seek a specialist’s opinion, SWI can Fast-track that service to a specialist to ensure same week appointments.
  • Our team will aggressively manage your claims and review and assess your employee’s health risks.
  • Overall our goal is to reduce absences and provide savings on medications and cost of care.

Benefits of SafeWorks Illinois: Occupational Medicine Services

  • On-site Drug Screens
  • Authorized Escreen provider
  • Rapid and Chain of Custody Drug Screens
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Immunizations, Titer Testing
  • Influenza Vaccinations
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Audiograms
  • Vision Screening

Medical Examinations

  • Post-job offer Examinations
  • Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations
  • Periodic Examinations
  • School & Sports Examinations
  • Firefighter and Police Officer Examinations
  • DOT/FMCSA Certification Physicals
  • FAA Pilot Exam (all classes)

OSHA Medical Surveillance/Periodic Testing

  • Respiratory Fitness Medical Surveillance Program and Evaluations
  • Spirometry & Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Hazwopper Examinations
  • Hearing Conservation/Audiometry Testing


  • Treat and help manage the treatment of work-related injuries
  • Strong Return to Work Philosophy
  • Internal Case Manager assigned to each person’s case and effectively manages and communicates to all parties involved in the employee’s case.

Any life-threatening illness or injury should be seen
in the nearest ER, please CALL 911.