How to tell if you have an infection.


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) could include any part of the system that makes urine and carries it out of your body. This system includes the bladder and kidneys as well as the tubes that connect them. When bacteria or viruses get into this system, they can cause an infection.

Most urinary tract infections are bladder infections. These are usually not serious if treated right away. However, untreated bladder infections can potentially spread to your kidneys. A kidney infection is more serious and can cause permanent damage.

You may have an infection if you have any of these symptoms:

  • You feel pain or burning when you urinate.
  • You feel like you have to urinate often, but not much urine comes out when you do.
  • Your belly feels tender or heavy.
  • Your urine is cloudy, blood tinged, or smells bad.

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