Matt Dillon, Executive Vice President, Finance and Human Resources

Matt Dillon, Executive Vice President, Finance and Human Resources, brings 20 years of diverse experience in finance and management in a variety of settings, including governmental bodies and the insurance industry. He is a 1992 graduate of Eastern Illinois University in Business and Accounting.

Matt is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is working on upgrading HR functions with more automation of on-boarding and employee time management. In addition, Matt is about to embark on obtaining an Executive Healthcare Leadership Certificate training program from Cornell University.

In addition to his SafeWorks responsibilities, Mr. Dillon also manages Dr. Fletcher’s two real estate ventures; Illinois Land Restoration and Stewardship. LLC and 812 Illinois Properties, LLC, which includes the 7-acre 217 Medical Center campus on North Market Street in Champaign, ripe for development.

Matt lives with 10-year-old son James in Homer, where he also serves as the elected Supervisor/Treasurer for South Homer Township. He is an avid pool player of local renown, set to play in Las Vegas for the national pool tournament in August, after his team won a local qualifying tournament.